Journal Club Seminario (PhD in Fisica)

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Journal Club Seminario  (PhD in Fisica)
Nell'ambito del corso di dottorato in Fisica  in riferimento all'iniziativa "Journal Club" i dottorandi del XXXV ciclo hanno organizzato un ciclo di seminari presso il Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica.

Il primo seminario si svolgera' il: 

6 febbraio 2020 (aula A - primo piano- Via della Vasca Navale 84)  

ore 14:30 Dottorando Jamaledin Baniamerian
"Geophysics methods application into subsurface resources exploration"

Abstract: "Geophysics is based on the study of materials' physical properties like density, resistivity, magnetization (or magnetic susceptibility) and elasticity"

ore 15:15 Dottorando Alessio Mastroddi
"The Froggatt-Nielsen Mechanism as a Solution to the Flavor Hierarchy Problem"

Abstract: "The large hierarchy in the fermion masses is one of the unsolved problems of the Standard Model; I will explain how the Froggatt-Nielsen mechanism could explain it and the, given an explicit model, check if it is consistent with the naturalness of the Higgs mass."
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