Seminario di Geometria: Andreas Leopolod Knutsen (Bergen)

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Seminario di Geometria: Andreas Leopolod Knutsen (Bergen)
Giovedì 13 Aprile alle ore 14:15, Andreas Leopolod Knutsen (Bergen) terrà il seminario di Geometria dal titolo "Ulrich Bundles on Fano Threefolds".

Abstract: Ulrich bundles are certain arithmetically Cohen Macaulay bundles on projective varieties enjoying special cohomological properties. Their study originates in a paper by B. Ulrich in 1984 in the framework of commutative algebra and the  attention of algebraic geometers  was drawn  by a landmark paper by Eisenbud-Schreyer-Weyman,  where, among other things, the  Chow form  of a projective variety X  is computed  using Ulrich bundles on X, if they exist. It is furthermore conjectured that any projective variety should carry an Ulrich bundle.  This conjecture remains widely open in general, as well as related questions regarding possible ranks of Ulrich bundles, their stability and moduli, although a lot is known for specific  classes of varieties (e.g., curves, Segre and Grassmann varieties, rational scrolls, complete intersections, some classes of surfaces and threefolds, etc.)

In the talk I will present recent results concerning existence, ranks, stability and moduli of Ulrich bundles on Fano threefolds, obtained in collaboration with C. Ciliberto and F. Flamini (arXiv:2206.09986 and arXiv:2205.13193), extending  and unifying results by (many) other authors.

Il seminario si svolgerà in presenza nell'aula M1. Per ulteriori informazioni, e per richiedere il link Teams per seguire il seminario online, si può contattare gli organizzatori all'email
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