Ph.D. in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics and Physics of Roma Tre University offers each year a PhD program of the duration of 3 years (with no possibility of extension for a further year).

The PhD school aims at turning the graduate students into independent scientists. Most of the graduate students benefit of a scholarship for the entire duration of the PhD program: for this reason, the PhD can be considered as the first step in the scientist career as a pure or applied mathematician.

The PhD school aims at extending and deepening students’ knowledge in mathematics and, at the same time, developing their ability to address and solve problems.  The ultimate goal of the PhD program is to lead the students to achieve a scientific discovery in mathematics (pure or applied).  This achievement is presented and fully described in the doctoral thesis that each student is expected to write at the end of the PhD cycle, and that is usually published in one or more international scientific journals. Those who successfully conclude the  PhD program are awarded  of the title of “Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics”.

In order to improve the mathematical research also in the more applicative areas, the Department has established several collaborations with different private and public  insti-tutions that are interested in the applications of mathematics. Among them, the Institute for Applied Mathematics (IAC) of the CNR, the supercalculus center CASPUR and CINECA, IBM Italy, ENEA – Frascati , CD-adapco and the National Institute for Studies and Experiments of Naval Architecture (INSEAN)


The Department of Mathematics and Physics of the Roma Tre University has been recently awarded a large research grant, based on a research evaluation that placed it Link identifier #identifier__61664-1Link identifier #identifier__143594-1among the top departments in Mathematics and Computer Science in Italy.

This grant will be used to support and expand in several ways the research activities of the Department, among which the Ph.D. program will play a very important role. We will finance more introductory and advanced courses taught by top level visiting scientists, we will organize the- matic semesters on highly relevant research topics and we will fund participation of graduate students to international schools and conferences

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Marly Nunes Grasso 01 September 2020