Ph.D. in Physics

The PhD course in Physics at Roma Tre University aims at preparing excellent researchers, whose job prospects are  both in academic and research institutions in Italy and abroad and in industries involved in applied research and technological innovation.
With a PhD in Physics one gains a methodological approach, which allows to face problems in a critical and flexible way counting on a number of specific skills.Main research topics include:
  • High Energy Theoretical Physics
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • High Energy Experimental Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Environment and Earth Physics
Courses offered at Roma Tre are often jointly organized with the other Universities and Research Institution of the Rome area with the purpose to provide a vast selection.
Due to a number of agreements with academic and research institutions abroad it is also possible to arrange PhD research projects jointly supervised.
Due to an agreement with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) thesis projects can be carried out in the context of  the research activities of the INFN Roma Tre branch and of the Laboratory Nazionali di Frascati Link identifier #identifier__155378-1Link identifier #identifier__195472-1(LNF).
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