Junior Seminar

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Junior Seminar
Mercoledì 31 gennaio alle ore 16, Federico Pieroni (dottorando, Università degli Studi Roma Tre) terrà il seminario dal titolo "An overview on Coble surfaces, their moduli, and the Coble conjecture".

Since the late 19th century, a classical problem in Algebraic Geometry was to find a nice description of the group of birational transformations of the projective plane ℙ2 to itself. Coble surfaces were introduced with this aim. After a brief introduction on their definition and main properties, we will reconstruct the moduli space of Coble surfaces MCoble, compute its dimension, and show that every Coble surface X admits a distinguished Coble curve C ⊂ X. We will conclude the discussion talking about the Coble conjecture: for a fixed Coble surface X, can we find transformations φ : X → X acting identically on the Coble curve? How many surfaces inside MCoble have this property?

Il seminario si svolgerà in presenza presso il Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica, via della Vasca Navale, 84- aula B.
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