Particle Recepies for Axion Hunters

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Particle Recepies for Axion Hunters
Martedì 3 maggio alle ore 15:00,  Luca Di Luzio dell'Università di Padova e dell'INFN Sezione di Padova , terrà il Colloquio di Fisica  dal titolo "Particle Recepies for Axion Hunters"

  Abstarct: Four decades after its prediction the QCD axion remains the most compelling solution to the strong CP problem and a well motivated dark matter candidate, inspiring several ultrasensitive experiments based on axion-photon mixing. After reviewing the axion solution of the strong CP problem and the experimental landscape of axion searches, I will focus on some recent developments in axion model building suggesting that the QCD axion parameter space is much larger than what traditionally thought. The implications for astrophysical limits and current experiments will be discussed as well.

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