Seminario di Analisi Matematica

Mercoledì 16 novembre 2022 alle ore 16:30, Luca Martinazzi (Sapienza Università di Roma) terrà il Seminario di Analisi Matematica dal titolo "Critical points of the Moser-Trudinger functional on closed surfaces "

Given a 2-dimensional closed surface, we will show that the Moser-Trudinger functional has critical points of arbitrarily high energy. Since the functional is too critical to directly apply to it the known variational methods (in particular the Struwe monotonicity trick), we will approximate it by subcritical ones, which in fact interpolate it to a Liouville-type functional from conformal geometry. Hence our result will also unify and give common results for these two apparently unrelated problems. This is a joint work with F. De Marchis, A. Malchiodi and P-D. Thizy.

Il seminario avrà luogo in presenza presso il Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica, L.go S. L. Murialdo 1 - Aula 311
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